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New Turci Liquid Herb Sprays

From the heart of Tuscany comes the Turci Liquid Herb range, preserving and naturally extracting all the flavour and taste of freshly harvested herbs and spices! Turci Liquid Herb sprays perform in cooking just like fresh herbs and are available all year round. No mess, no fuss – simply spray a small amount onto your food after it is cooked or prepared to maximise the flavour.

The range includes gutsy flavours such as Rosemary, Chilli, Garlic, Basil, Lemon and Oregano. Turci Liquid Herbs are also available in premium White Truffle and Saffron infused sprays. They are very affordable, easy to store, and perfect for the at-home foodie who likes to create decadent-flavoured meals!

Turci Liquid Herbs are silly-season friendly as they allow you to cater to any taste buds or allergies, so everyone can choose what and how much they spray on their own plate of food! They can be used on hot, cold, raw or cooked foods and are easy to incorporate into sauces, dips, dressings and marinades. Try the following suggestions:

  • Try using the garlic spray with butter to make garlic bread or to lather crayfish and scallops with.
  • Basil oil combined with vinaigrette creates an irresistible dressing for salads alike.
  • Spray the Saffron spray and fork through freshly steamed rice, hot couscous, drained pasta, creamy risotto.
  • Flavour creamy desserts or icing with Turci lemon spray - cheesecakes, mousse, whipped cream

Turci Liquid Herbs contain 80% cold-pressed herbs and 20% sunflower oil in a 40ml spray bottle. Available from participating supermarkets nationwide.

General points:

  • Intensity of flavour- only a small amount required
  • More flavour than dried counterparts
  • Arguably better tasting than extracts based on alcohol infusion (compare lemon oil to lemon extract)
  • Clean flavour
  • No additives - purity of flavour
  • Useful when fresh herbs are out of season
  • Easy to use - enhance, enliven dishes
  • Can use on hot, cold, raw or cooked foods
  • Easy to incorporate into sauces, dips, dressings, marinades
  • Can be mixed with each other to create layered flavour profiles
  • Useful size - easy storage
  • Christmas stocking filler or make a gift package of more than one
Saffron Oil

Saffron oil

Intense golden orange infusion- adds colour as well as the distinct earthy bite of saffron flavour

For colour and flavour:

  • Add a spray and fork through freshly steamed rice, hot couscous, drained pasta, creamy risotto
  • Add to melted butter or olive oil to brush over freshly grilled fish or chicken
  • Add to mayo with a spray of garlic to make an instant saffron aïoli to serve with grilled or poached meats, fish, chicken or hot-smoked salmon
  • Top fruity ice-cream with a small spray for a golden drizzle
Basil Oil

Basil oil

  • Add to vinaigrette to use on summer tomato salads
  • Mix with olive oil to drizzle over tomato, feta and olive bruschetta
  • Spray onto finished hot tomato soup or onto cold summer gazpacho for a burst of flavour
  • Spray into sweetened whipping cream, crème fraiche or mascarpone and serve with fresh berries
  • Mix with melted unsalted butter and brush over halved apricots or peaches before grilling on the barbecue
  • Zing up that half-used tub of basil pesto with a spray of basil oil.
Oregano oil

Oregano oil

  • Spray then brush over warmed crusty bread
  • Add to fresh tomato sauces and toss with fresh pasta
  • Spray onto home-made pizza
  • Spray and then brush onto freshly roasted chicken
  • Add to olive oil or vinaigrette to toss with grilled summer vegetables
  • Add to pan juices with a little stock to make sauce for pan-fried lamb, beef or chicken
  • Because of anti-bacterial properties, you can add a spray to a mug of hot water to sooth a sore throat or use as an inhalation.
Lemon oil

Lemon oil

  • Save time and lemons by using in place of lemon zest
  • Flavour icings
  • Flavour creamy desserts - cheesecakes, mousse, whipped cream
  • Add to fruit muffins especially blueberry muffins
  • Mix into softened butter with herbal sprays to stuff under poultry skin before roasting or to top grilled fish steaks
  • Add to vinaigrette or olive oil to drizzle over asparagus or green beans
  • Spray on freshly sliced avocado with an added twist of black pepper and a sprinkling of sea salt
Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil

  • Spray onto cuts of pork, lamb or beef before or after cooking
  • Add to pan residue as the basis of jus flavouring for steaks
  • Mix with olive oil to drizzle over slow-roasted tomatoes
  • Mix with melted duck fat or butter when roasting potatoes
  • Add a punch or rosemary flavour to finished beef stews
  • Add to stuffing for poultry or pork
  • Add to apples for pie or crumble
  • Add savoury notes to shortbread or pastry dough
Truffle oil

Truffle oil

Best used as a finishing spray:

  • Add a spray to creamy soups or sauces
  • Spray onto finished scrambled egg or omelette or even add a decadent note to a boiled breakfast egg.
  • Add to gravy or pan juices to serve with beef or chicken
  • Add to fresh hot buttery pasta
  • Add to potato mash or polenta
  • Roll hot baby potatoes in butter with a spray of truffle oil
  • Intensify mushroom flavours- fork through mushroom risotto
Chilli oil

Chilli oil

  • Add to vinaigrette for salads or grilled vegetables
  • Add to fresh chopped salsa mixtures
  • Add to guacamole
  • Add zip to finished soups, sauces and stews
  • Add a spray to chocolate dessert mixtures, e.g. chocolate mousse, chocolate brownies
Rosemary oil

Garlic oil

  • Save the hassle of chopping fresh garlic but get a clean pungent garlic flavour
  • Add to softened butter with herbs to make:
    • garlic bread
    • hard butter to top grilled beef steak
    • flavoured butter to brush on hot crayfish
  • Add to stuffing for lamb, beef or poultry
  • Add to vinaigrette for leafy salads
  • Add to mayo for potato salad

Mixed herb profiles:

You can easily mix and match as you would with fresh or dried herbs:

  • Stuffing
  • Marinades
  • Salad dressings
  • Dips
  • Sauces

Italian flavours: mix garlic and basil or oregano

Spanish flavours: mix garlic, lemon, saffron, chilli

French flavours: mix garlic, truffle

Greek flavours: mix garlic, oregano, rosemary, lemon

Moroccan flavours: mix garlic, chilli, lemon

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